Vertical White LED Push Switch to suit 200 Series Landcruiser


Name: ACC Power
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This 12 volt push switch from PVS is a single throw ON - OFF switch designed to operate your 12 volt accessories. It has a face surface size of 1.25" x 0.83" (32 mm x 21 mm) and uses the original mounting hole of the vehicle.

This Switch is an aftermarket switch that locks into your existing panel super easy to install in less than 10 min's.

  • Single Pole Single Throw ON - OFF PUSH switch
  • Black hard surface
  • Laser etched Legend
  • Single upper L.E.D light in White
  • Single lower L.E.D light in White
  • Upper light is ON when the switch is pressed IN
  • Lower light can be wired to separate dash light circuit
  • Rated at 3Amp 12V
  • Wire Plug and wiring diagram supplied with switch

All symbols are Laser etched directly onto the switch face using modern high Tech laser engraving equipment to ensure long image life.

The switch is an electronic switch rated at 3amp's. Therefore in ALL cases accessories MUST be wired through a fused relay.

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