PVS 9 inch Headunit for 70 Series LandCruisers

RaceDash OBD Steering Wheel Wiring:
Black: GND
Red: Connect together with Blue Wire from Steering Wheel control Module
Blue: Ignore (tape up)
Then plug in the OBD module to the OBD port and run the horn booster cable to the bottom of the clock spring

Reverse Camera:

The reverse camera kit has two ends. One end has the RCA Cable with a Red Cable, this connects to Reverse Cont./BACK on the back of the headunit.

The other end with the Red and Black Wires need to tap into the Reverse Lights.

RED Wire > RED/BLACK Cable on Tail Lights


Camvin on the main harness is for reverse input. The other 2 RCA cables are for AUX Cameras.

Please note the setting on our 9 inch headunit is set to AHD720p 25fps

Settings>Car Settings>Reverse Camera>Camera Type>AHD 720P 25fps

Steering Wheel Controls Module Diagram

Steering Wheel Module Installation

Steering Wheel Installation

Steering Wheel Controls Module PRE-AIRBAG

Wireless Paddle Shift Kit

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Horn Booster Cable: