* Do my modules need pairing?
No. Typically they are paired from the factory

* When I press the horn, illumination turns off
This is completely normal, when the horn is pressed the module is bypassed to give full voltage to the horn.

* Only some buttons work on the steering wheel
A) If you are running our headunit, it is more than likely that they have not been calibrated correctly. Please see our YouTube channel for further assistance

B) If you are running an aftermarket branded headunit, you will find the right side of the steering controls do not function. Unlike our headunits which are designed to work with all controls on the steering wheel, aftermarket headunits do not recognise the right side due to the steering wheel being a retro fit from a vehicle that uses these buttons for cruise control

* Bluetooth is not working
Please use a paperclip to press the reset button (only once) located at the bottom corner on the left or right of the headunit. This will perform a hard reset

* Apple Wireless CarPlay or Hotspot not working
Unfortunately, Apple has had ongoing issues worldwide with these two features and the functionality on Android and other related products. Currently there is no fix available and is on a case-to-case basis. We do apologise for the inconvenience. At this point, we do advise that you use a genuine Apple iPhone USB lightening cable to operate CarPlay and the Wi-Fi USB modem supplied with your headunit for internet (4G sim card required)

* No sound coming from speakers
Please thoroughly check all connections and that no wires are spliced during the installation process. Our kits are plug and play and should not require any splicing. If you are running an amplifier, please check your connections or otherwise please contact the manufacturer of your amplifier

* Why is the headunit fan loud?
Our headunits operate like computers and require cooling. Unfortunately, the fan speed cannot be compromised due to this

* My wiring behind the headunit has been cut. What should I do?
Please seek professional assistance from a licensed Auto Electrician as our kits are plug ‘n’ play from our factory and we do not carry wiring diagrams unfortunately

* Smart Box not connecting
Please make sure you are allowing CarPlay/Android Auto to connect once prompted on your mobile device. Sometimes the prompt can be missed. If so, it must be performed manually through the Bluetooth menu under the device name you have just paired

* Where do I plug in the PVS OBD II dongle?
Every vehicle has a rectangular OBD II port located typically underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. Please plug our dongle into the port when located. Once plugged in correctly, lights will start flashing on the dongle advising it is now active

* How do I pair the PVS OBD II dongle?
While in the Bluetooth application on your headunit, press the magnify glass on screen and wait until it finishes searching. Once finished, you will see the device name “OBD” appear. Please select OBD and then press the pairing button which is near the magnify glass

* What app do I use after installing and pairing the PVS OBD dongle?
We have preinstalled a third-party application called “Torque” on most of our headunits depending on which model you own. You can otherwise download it from the Play Store or App Store

* How do I fit your products
Please visit our YouTube channel "PVS Automotive" for instructional videos on how to install most of our products. For further assistance, please email our support team at support@pvsautomotive.com.au
PVS Headlight FAQ

* Condensation within headlight(s)
Please make sure the socket for your indicator and parker globe is airtight. Our projectors do create heat which does suck in cool air if exposed. Any exposure will create moisture thus voiding your warranty

* How do I adjust your headlights?
Please refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle. While our headlights are pre-adjusted, we do not take responsibility for damage caused while attempting this process (over adjustment) and encourage that you seek assistance from a licensed professional

* How do I wire your headlights?
With the car battery disconnected, we advise that power be taken from the parker light socket wiring. If you would like to connect the blinker function, you will need to tap the two yellow wires into your indicator socket wiring

* How do I control the RGB functionality?
You must download an application called “LED LAMP” to your mobile device and connect via Bluetooth

* Where can I download the “LED LAMP” app?
The application can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store on your phone

* How do I connect and use the “LED LAMP” app?
With the parkers on, please press the "+" symbol at the top right then RGB > LED BLE 00-XXXX. It will start to scan and pick up your devices. To switch between the two modules, simply click the three lines in the top left and select your device.

* Can I adjust the headlights from a PVS headunit?
Bluetooth connectivity to our headlights through our headunits is currently not supported

* How do I fit your products
Please visit our YouTube channel "PVS Automotive" for instructional videos on how to install most of our products. For further assistance, please email our support team at support@pvsautomotive.com.au