Front Base Frames to Suit Toyota Land Cruiser 76/79 Series Dual Cab & Wagon Recaro Seats


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Please note there is a 6 - 8 week lead time once order has been placed. 

Toyota Land Cruiser 76/79 Series Dual Cab & Wagon Recaro Seats Base frames pair

Manufactured in Sydney, Australia

Heavy duty black powder coat finish


• Driver's side and passenger side heavy duty frame

• 8 high tensile allen key bolts with spring washer , 8 high tensile allen key bolts to bolt the frames to your floor pan

These bases are made to adapt to genuine Recaro double locking runners with tabs, which are also available in our store. They bolt to the factory holes in your floor pan. No drilling required! 

*Please note - these base frames have been manufactured to suit this model of vehicle as per factory standard. If the vehicle has been modified in any way, or has an after market console fitted and the base frames do not fit we are not held responsible.

They are made following Australian standards but are not certified, if you want them certified you must do so yourself. We hold no responsibility.

We have been making these base frames for over 5 years and many of them have been certified by an independent engineer once fitted to a vehicle and have had no issue in passing.

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