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Restoring paint that contains defects such as scratches, swirls, oxidation and/or water spots to a smooth mirror finish is our specialty.

Paint Correction initially involves an experienced Master Detailer who measures the layers of primer, colour and clear coat with a paint depth thickness gauge. This process along with a detailed history of the car helps to determine how much clear coat or paint (for single stage paints) is left on the vehicle.

The paint work is decontaminated and cleaned before any imperfections and defects are removed. Once the paint is clean and free of debris it is ready for paint correction. The paint correction process is performed using premium polishing tools and chemicals on the market and are used to enhance the clear coat to match our clients objectives. Dependent on which level is chosen, this will determine the percentage of paint defects that are removed.

In comparison, the objective of paint polishing is to purely enhance gloss and shine. Swirl marks, scratches and deeper paint defects are not targeted. This process is well suited to pre-sale cars that need a boost in shine to appeal to prospective buyers or new cars that haven't been driven as yet and require a minor enhancement before protection. Our detailers will be able to identify if there are any defects on your new vehicle and advise if this method is right for you.

The percentage of correction, or other words the level of perfection is important to understand.  A 100% defect removal results in a sharp, mirror-like reflection. This process removes all swirls and scratches, that haven't broken through the clear, and removes orange peel texture. In comparison, a 75-85% correction results in a phenomenal change however some deeper random and isolated swirls and scratches may remain on the vehicle.

Interior differences range from light to moderate. Light interior clean is very basic in nature and includes vacuum, glass, dusting. Moderate includes the aspects of light cleaning however adds, leather/cloth clean and conditioning. Complete interior clean includes all aspects of light and moderate, however adds thorough carpet shampoo and steam clean, deodorisation and interior coating (where applicable).

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