Airbag Rocker Switch


Type: Momentary
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This high quality 12V/24V Rocker switch from PVS comes in two options. It has a face surface size of 49mm x 26mm and uses a standard din size mounting hole of 37.5mm x 21.2mm. This is the standard size of most switch holes in modern vehicles, however it is best to check your particular hole size if unsure.  

  • DOUBLE Pole DOUBLE Throw ON - OFF - ON switch
  • Black hard surface rocker.
  • Laser etched AIRBAG Legend
  • Dual LED lights in White.
  • Upper light is ON when the switch is pressed UP.
  • Lower light can be wired to separate dash light circuit.
  • Same size as the ARB switches.
  • Rated 12V 20A / 24V 10A
  • This switch uses the same light configuration as the ARB switches.
  • No rear barriers between terminals.
  • Wiring diagram in images

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