Focal 8″ IBUS 2.1 Compact Subwoofer with built-in Amp


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Focal IBus 2.1 8″ flat subwoofer enclosure designed for under-seat mounting with built-in amplifier for a true 2.1 system. ISO Plug & Play cable provided and connects direct to factory head unit. Intensifies the bass of your audio system with powerful amplification and remote control.

IBUS 2.1 Technical specifications

Product type Flat active subwoofer enclosure (20cm/8″) + 2-channel amplifier

Subwoofer power 150W max / 75W RMS

Subwoofer frequency response 45Hz – 150Hz

2-channel amplifier power 2x110W Max / 2x55W RMS

2-channel amplifier frequency response 55Hz – 55KHz

Impedance 4 Ohms (Warning: not stable under 2 Ohms so not to be installed in parallel with a second kit]

Cable power Directly from battery thanks to the power cable 5m x 3.30mm2 (included)

Signal cable ISO Plug & Play cable: 3m (included)

SNR > 80dBA

THD < 0.08 %

Dimensions ( H x W x D) 2.8″ x 13.5″ x 9.8″ – (71.5 x 344 x 250mm)

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