CAN Bus Speedo Corrector - to Suit Toyota LandCruiser DPF 70 Series / 200 Series 2007+


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CAN bus speedo correction to suit the following vehicles:

Toyota LandCruiser

  • 70 Series- 08/2016+ DPF models - VDJ76, VDJ78 & VDJ79
  • 200 Series - 2007+

This speedometer corrector allows you to adjust your 70 or 200 series Toyota LandCruiser speedo to compensate for tyre size and/or differential ratio changes. The unit is fitted behind the instrument cluster and the remote adjustor can be run out for easy access to adjust speedo on the fly.

We include specific instructions to suit the 70 series and 200 series Toyota LandCruiser. This unit is a wire in unit and the installer will need some electrical/wiring know how as wires will need to be cut and soldered.

Our unit can adjust the speedo in 0%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15% and 18% increments

The unit is small and measures just 75 x 30 x 15mm and is designed to be mounted inside the vehicle behind the instrument cluster.

To suit the following vehicles:

Toyota LandCruiser:

  • 70 Series- 08/2016 on DPF models - VDJ76, VDJ78 & VDJ79
  • 200 Series - 2007 on

Note: This unit is designed for vehicles which have a CAN bus driven speedo only.

Kit Includes:

  • Speedo corrector
  • Wiring harness
  • Remote audjustor

Installation Instructions

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