Front Speaker Door Pods w/ Focal ISU-165 Speakers

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Front Speaker Door Pods (Lead vinyl- mid grey colour) + Focal ISU-165 Speakers. Constructed from medium density fibreboard to dampen speaker vibration and enhance sound quality.


Our Speaker Door Pod + DOTI ABS pocket option is not suitable for the 2016+ 79 Series Single Cab with factory bucket seats because the pocket touches the plastic cover/ surround on the outboard side of the bucket seat on both sides of the vehicle. The 2016+ 79 Series Single Cab is the only 70 Series model that has these plastic covers/ surrounds.

For customers with factory bucket seats:

  • Sell with the option for factory pockets only-= (no DOTI ABS pocket option)

For customers with aftermarket seats installed:

  • The customer can measure between the door trim and the seat to check the Speaker Door Pods + DOTI ABS pockets will fit. The depth of our Speaker Door Pods + DOTI ABS pocket is approx. 77mm (measured at the 'storage pocket' area; the 'drink holder' area is deeper). Aftermarket seats are likely to be suitable for our Speaker Door Pods + DOTI ABS pockets because they do not have the plastic cover/ surround.

Low profile and lightweight- our Speaker Door Pod is 30mm thick (at the thickest point- front end) and less than 1.5kgs (per side, without the speaker installed)

Factory look- the shape of our Speaker Door Pods follows the lines and contours of the 70 Series LandCruiser for a factory look. Our exclusive Lead vinyl is custom made to match the door trim colour (mid grey).

Easy to fit, no cutting holes in steel- You (or your installer) will not need to cut any holes in the steel door frame to fit this product. The shape of the Speaker Door Pod, position of the speaker and shape of the speaker magnet allow the speaker magnet to fit in an existing hole in the steel door frame.

Door pocket options-

  1. If you have a GX or GXL model, your vehicle is likely to have factory plastic door pockets. We cut provisions for you to refit these pockets to the Speaker Door Pods (no additional charge)
  2. If your vehicle does not have factory door pockets, we can supply you with the factory Toyota pockets for $110 per pair.
  3. You can upgrade to our aftermarket 70 Series door pocket (coming around May 2019)

View the Focal ISU-165 speakers on the Focal website here.

View Focal's wiring guide on the Focal website here.

Our current manufacturing time for this product is 4-6 weeks + freight time.

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